Bundles of Hope Swaddling Blankets

  • We set out to create a baby blanket that is both gentle on a baby's delicate skin and gentle on our planet. The result is Bundles of Hope, the first baby blanket made entirely of hemp.
  • Hemp is a natural miracle super fiber that is as good for your baby as it is for our environment. 
  • Bundles of Hope blankets are breathable, antimicrobial, UV-resistant, mold and mildew resistant, durable and super absorbent. Our 100% hemp fibers are never exposed to pesticides or herbicides. This means they protect your baby from environmental harms while keeping your baby blissfully comfortable. 
  • Because they are made with eco-friendly hemp, Bundles of Hope blankets do not hurt our environment.  Contrary to cotton, hemp only takes a fraction of the water to grow. Our processing will never introduce harmful chemicals into our precious water system like competing textile processes. 
  • Bundles of Hope blankets only get softer with each washing. 
  • We hope you enjoy the many benefits of this miracle fabric.
  • Choose hemp and you choose a sustainable world for your baby today and for their tomorrow.